How many types of heated rollers are there available out there? You’d be surprised by all the options!

As girls, we always want to keep up with the latest trends there are available out there when it comes to hair right? But, whether it is currently trending to have straight or curly hair, we like to have options when it comes to achieving the hairstyle goal we have. In this article, I want to specifically focus on the options you have for awesome curly hair. In case you did not know, you have 2 options for getting those perfect curls: heat or no heat. Yes, you don’t necessarily need heat to achieve curls, just think about it, how did people achieve having perfect curlish looks in the 1920s with the products they had available right? Well, since it is 2017, I want to show you all the heat roller options you have for your curls.

This is as close as you will get to an iron with a heated roller


These heat rollers are made with ceramic material so, if your hair tends to be a little on the frizzy side, then this is a great option for you! The way a ceramic heated roller is designed allows the hair cuticle to be sealed and in that way, you are definitely going to guarantee getting frizz free results.


Now, do you want your ending curls to have shape and texture? Then you should go for different sizes of heated rollers


This is a great way to get rid of those dull looking curls that look like they just time warped you back to the 80s right? But all jokes aside, this is a great way to try different types of curls like those soft beach curls we all want and desire to look just perfect right? This is a great way to guarantee your curls to look a bit more natural and a lot less artificial for sure!


Did you know that one of your options are wax heated rollers? You do now!

I bet this method is a little on the unconventional side for you right? Well, let me show you how these rollers work. These rollers have wax inside of them which means these will keep heat a lot longer so that you can give your hair the curl shape you want before the roller gets cool.


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