It’s good music and the beats, ONR

New sounds

We all are in constant move, everyone has a style, a rhythm, even at our walk, we all have a movement that goes in a pattern. This means that if we have a rhythm within us then sounds and music are important elements in our lives. Music, as it is involved in all of this, is not away or far from this fact. Sounds and characteristics of music is changing every day, as life changes too. We are surrounded by new sounds and new musical styles, and it would be difficult to count them in few words or in a few examples not leaving out too many to say. There are many new bands that are making great changes in the contemporary musical scenario, some others are working on what has been done to grow into new styles, music then is a big industry in constant evolution, and the new composers, singers, bands and artists are getting to make what in the future will be called history, some European bans like ONR can be considered a good example.


It’s the new trends in music

It only takes a group of musicians sharing in a casual meeting to see the start of a sound or style. Onr music is giving a lot to new trends and great styles. They have been creating a very eclectic but unique movement of fans around the world and that is easy to see from their online evolution and full-house concerts. They have a stamp as with their peculiar sound, and the beat and lyrics of their compositions, their talent is going far in European and North America stages.


Music all around the world

Music is a universal language, and ONR as a band is trying everyone to know how to speak it. The audience that this band has around the world is eager to be there at every presentation and have a good time while listening to great music. ONR compositions, arrangements and musical creations is innovative and interesting; the new movement towards the music is going to is just the perfect one for new generations. Know more about this artists at just few clicks in their website and their social networks, get into the ONR sound.


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