If you as a man want your life to be together, these are the things you must have in your bathroom

Being a man is no easy task, or at least that’s what a man would tell you right? If you happen to be a man and living alone you KNOW that it is hard to keep your crap together when it comes to your house and your daily tasks. Keeping your personal hygiene and work life together can become kind of hard but once you get the hang of it, it just becomes a simple trip through life. In this article I’m not going to show you how to have your life together in all aspects but rather just when it comes to you hygiene.

Unless you want to look like a lumberjack or a hipster, you definitely need to have an electric razor in your bathroom

If your life consists of working, going out and basically having to get out of the comfort of your home, then you need to adapt your growing facial hair to your needs. That means that whether you want to grow your beard out ofrkeep your face hairless and fresh you definitely need to keep it together with an electrical razor. They are varied in price ranges so you don’t always need to spend lots of money to keep your face and beard on fleek. So men, make sure you have that rasoir électrique in your bathroom to save yourself the embarrassment of going out without looking as fresh as you should.

Now that you have your razor, then consider investing in a mirror you can have in your shower!

I bet you thought to yourself, how in the heck can I place a mirror in my shower when it will obviously get all fogged up from the humidity? Well let me tell you my friend, we live in a very modern society in which you can buy mirrors that don’t fog up and are perfect for shaving while you are showering! I don’t think you can get any cooler and awesome than that right?


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